Privacy Policy

Welcome to Diligent Market

Diligent Market has provided this privacy statement to assure its clients of its dedication to safeguarding their privacy. In line with its responsible and ethical business practices, Diligent Market collects and handles personal information pertaining to its clients. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to outline how Diligent Market intends to utilize the information obtained from its clients. Diligent Market is devoted to transparency in its data collection and usage practices, as well as fulfilling its obligations regarding data protection. This Privacy Policy is applicable to the Diligent Market's website, as well as all its products and services.

We collect and retain all the information you provide to us. This information can be gathered through different methods, such as filling out registration forms on our website, using chat applications initiated by customers, submitting payment forms, or taking notes during phone conversations. It's important to note that if you choose not to provide certain information, it may limit the services that Diligent Market can offer you. The data we collect can be stored in various ways, including HR management systems, other IT systems (including email), and software/spreadsheets related to marketing and sales.

IP Address

At Diligent Market, we keep a record of the IP address of your computer when you visit our site. This is done to assist in diagnosing and resolving any server-related issues. Your IP address enables us to monitor and document any actions taken by your server, as well as to recognize you when you make purchases.

Personal Information

Information such as your name, address, contact details, and email is collected when you sign up for our newsletter services or when you ask a question or seek information about our products/services through any available method.

Payment Details

This information is collected when purchases are made.

Usage and Purchase History

In order to provide you with more informed guidance regarding current market situations, we also gather and monitor your usage and purchasing history.

Cookies and other technical or site function data

At Diligent Market, we utilize "cookies" and other technological tools to monitor the activity on our website. This enables us to stay informed about the number of individuals who access specific reports or pages on our site. Moreover, this functionality allows us to personalize your browsing experience.

Login Information

Your ID and site password is stored for verification purposes for future visits and purchases.

RSS Feed Guidelines

Diligent Market encourages its readers to gain insights from our knowledge centre, however, we advise against using any form of our content without proper acknowledgment and accreditation.

We would like you to spread the knowledge more, however, we would like it more if you ask for permission and do not make any edits to the original text before doing so. We advised against the use of our RSS feeds without any prior permission. We also forbid manual submission of RSS feeds by any other entity.

Diligent Market reserves all the rights to each piece of content published on the website. For any enquiry related to RSS Feeds contact us at

Information about our clients is a predominant part of the business. Diligent Market treats all of its clients’ personal information with utmost care and commits to keep it securely. We do not sell, trade, rent or share any part of the information to third parties. The data collected is only used to provide Diligent Market product and service-related updates via Newsletters. Diligent Market adopts appropriate security measures to prevent unauthorised access, disclosure, alteration, and destruction of client’s personal information. Exchange of data between the client and the company takes place over an SSL secured channel and is encrypted and fully secured.

If the client wishes to opt-out of the services provided by Diligent Market or experiences any uneasiness while sharing certain details, Diligent Market and its team is all open to understand and solve queries. If the issues of worry still persist, the client can anytime unsubscribe from Diligent Market’s newsletter services and email correspondence. Diligent Market ensures to amend the client's request regarding suppressing personal details; however, for the transitional period of processing the request, the client may receive the updates.

Diligent Market reserves the rights to update or modify this privacy policy with time to keep up with the changing legal norms of the different geographies. The clients are encouraged to check this section from time to time to keep themselves informed about the changes the company has been undertaking to ensure its clients' security.

You may contact Diligent Market via email at for further assistance.